Changing ArcGIS Server v10.3.1 Cache Scales

04-06-2016 11:36 AM
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I am in the process of changing scales on my basemap cached mapservices in AGS v10.3.1, but I am running into problems with tiles not showing up any more at some scales and the status getting corrupted.  This is the workflow that I intend to use:

1.) Use Manage Map Server Cache Scales to delete a scale and add a replacement scale in the same step

2.) Copy bundles from the same updated cache in test environment to appropriate folder in production environment(e.g. L02)

3.) Use Manage Map Server Cache Status to update the status for the copied bundles cache level

I would prefer to copy the bundles and update the Cache Status rather than build all the tiles as this process would take a fraction of the time.  Unfortunately as stated above some of the cache levels are not showing up.

Does anyone know of a better method than this to change cached service scales in a short period of time?

I have been performing these updates in development and test environments where there is hardly a load on the cached mapservice.  Will I have issues when I try this same procedure in production where there could be a sizable load on the cached mapservice?

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