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Change Layer Names in dynamicLayers

12-10-2015 05:50 AM
New Contributor III

I feel like this must be possible, but I am just missing something somewhere.

Say I have a MapService with a single layer named "Counties".  In a web application, I utilize the AGS REST API's Dynamic Layers capability to add two additional layers to this service that just resymbolize those same counties based on demographics--perhaps population and income.  I would then have three layers showing up in the layer infos for the service, but all three are named "Counties".  They are just symbolized differently. 

I can add a different label to the drawing info via the dynamicLayers param which is helpful, but I can't figure out how to use the dynamicLayers parameter to change the actual layer names.

Now there are obviously a hundred ways to change the name on the front end or using middle ware... but this seems like pretty basic functionality that the API must have and that I'm just missing somewhere.

I would really appreciate any help.  Thanks!

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