Cannot add a View from SQL Server to Arcmap

06-28-2020 11:53 PM
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Using SQL Server, I created a view in Database A by joining another view in database B on the same server. The process is successful in SQL Server Management Studio and the view looks all good.

But when I added this view to ArcMap(10.6.1), it occurred errors as shown below. The errors are too generic so I didn't know how to fix this issue.

From my understanding, ArcGIS allows user to create a view from two databases.

Though I also tired to create a view in ArcCatalog by right clicking the database and selecting New--View, it threw the same error messages to me.


The spatial column of the view is from database A, so I enabled Geodatabase for database A, but didn't enable Geodatabase for B, could this be the issue?

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Let me answer the question myself.

The cause of this issue is that the database account I used doesn't have access to one of the databases.

So the solution is also straightforward. Use a suitable account.

Basically, ArcGIS should provide a more useful error message.

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