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Can services become corrupted?

08-28-2017 05:36 AM
New Contributor III

Hi all. Using ArcMap 10.2, Server 10.5

I've been working on a folder of 10 services, and had a domain change and needed to republish all of them. I had zero issues on the first few, but one service in particular is giving me issue.

When overwriting the existing service, I get the generic publishing error error 001369. When going in to look at the existing service on Server Manager, it is running, functions fine, but I am unable to stop it. It no longer has a description underneath it, and there is also a copy made that functions perfectly with the same name and a date/time stamp on the end of it. Example:

When trying to stop the service, it gives me a generic error message 'Error while stopping service':

It makes me wonder if my service has somehow become corrupt? Is that possible, and how can i find a solution?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Anything can get corrupted, especially when you replace an existing with a new one.  The mixed release levels probably isn't helping.  Have you tried using a 10.5 client?

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Hi Aaron,

Are any relevant messages visible in the ArcGIS Server Manager logs? That would be the first thing I'd check. Also, if you have a backup of your ConfigStore and srvcDirectories it might be good to restore them - my understanding is if those get unintentionally modified that can cause big problems with the Server.

There's also some weird behavior that these posters saw having to do with identical field aliases and default display fields. It might be worth a look to see if the MXD from which your service was published has any of those properites: 

Good luck!