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Can publish hosted FS from ArcMap and Connect, but not from Pro or Portal, shows 500 internal server error

05-27-2022 07:57 AM
Occasional Contributor


We have a distributed Enterprise env. on Linux. We are on a point that we can publish hosted feature layers from ArcMap and by creating a Survey on 123 Connect, but not from ArcGIS Pro or the Portal interface.

When done from Portal we get '500 internal server error'.

Just the day before the error started showing we changed the internal certificates for ones that were not expired, they were before that day. The certificates are just the same as the ones before just with not expired.

We are thinking if this could be because of the API used by Portal and Pro to make publications.

We had already restarted all the machines, restarted tomcat, re added the CORS allowed origins parameter and still no change.

If anyone has any idea where we can start looking we will appreciate.

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