Can I use esri maps offline (without connecting to internet)

09-30-2021 10:13 PM
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Hi ,

I am trying to find out a way where in I would be able to use ESRI maps offline , i.e, without having an internet connection. 

I am using ArcGIS JavaScript API for my current implementation. Does esri provide any such capabilities for the JavaScript API ?, if yes then could someone guide me on how to use such a feature.

Is it possible to access the full ESRI map and not only being restricted to the downloaded file? 

Any complex implementation which uses accessing through any VM is also welcome.

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Hi @RishavPathak 
offline capabilities for ESRI JS APIs are limited, the ArcGIS JS API won't support that out of the box. I would suggest that to go through the "Build Offline Applications" guide from ESRI Developer website, which details the possible options provided by ESRI APIs:

Also, I am adding here offline capabilities matrix for different ESRI APIs



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