Can I Configure Editor Tracking to not include logging the user's domain?

09-03-2015 11:53 AM
Occasional Contributor II

I've configured Editor Tracking with several feature classes in ArcSDE (Oracle).  I've published services with those feature classes and enabled Integrated Windows Authentication in IIS and am using users from Active Directory with Roles in ArcGIS Server.  Editor Tracking works great EXCEPT: for legacy reasons (decisions made years ago) I would like to only log the username and not the domain\username into the Editor Tracking Fields. 

Is it possible to configure this without cracking out code?  I'd like to continue to take advantage of the Editor Tracking configuration dialog and the way the Attribute Inspector deals with those fields in the Web App Builder.

If it isn't possible can I still leave editor tracking configured, but override it's handling in an Object Class Extension?  I already have one in place on these features, but am trying to avoid putting this functionality in it to keep the out of the box handling in other applications.

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