Can copying data to the ArcGIS managed data store be allowed while prohibiting the more general "data will be copied to the server"?

09-23-2019 02:54 PM
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When publishing to ArcGIS Server/Portal, we would like to require our users to either copy their data to the Esri managed data store or use a registered folder/database. What we don't want them to be able to do is publish from ArcMap and ignore the "Data source is not registered. Data will be copied to the server." warning. In our organization, the vast majority of time they will be using data from the registered Oracle DB, but occasionally there is a need for additional data. In these cases, it is fine to copy the data, but it should be copied to the managed data store (by uploading in Portal). 

I've found the Server Manager > GIS Server > Data Stores > Settings option to disallow copying data to the server, but in tests, that prohibited all copying, including to the managed data store. Is there a more nuanced setting somewhere? Or another administrative approach? To some extent this is largely an issue because of old habits of publishing from ArcMap, but it would be nice to have a backup while user training slowly takes effect.

We are working with 10.6.1 Server and Portal (federated).

Also, for other reasons unrelated to this post, publishing through ArcMap to the "My Hosted Services" is not a viable option. Just in case someone was going to propose that as a baby step for user retraining.


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