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Can a GeoProcessing Service Built for Enterprise 11 Output a MXD?

02-15-2023 06:41 AM
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We're currently running ArcGIS Enterprise v10.8, and we're trying to migrate all our stuff away from ArcObjects, Python 2, etc... so we're ready to migrate to Enterprise 11.  One geoprocessing service in particular (arcpy on Python 2) is holding us up.  That service automates map production, most often to a PDF; but it optionally outputs a MXD file that users can manipulate to serve their own needs.  Our users are still using ArcMap, and many will continue in that regard for some time; so we need to keep outputting something those users can deal with.  We've explored workarounds like outputting a Word document instead, but this only catches maybe 50% of the use cases involved.

Is there a way to make a geoprocessing service that is built on arcpy for Py3 (less ideally the Enterprise SDK) output a MXD file?

Alternatively, I suppose we might also be able to use a workaround in which ArcMap v10.8.2 can read an APRX file (but I doubt that can happen).

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ArcGIS Enterprise 11 does not include the ArcMap Runtime, so I don't think it can do anything with creating Map Documents. Using the Python version 3 libraries that are included with ArcGIS Enterprise, you could use the following to export your map to various formats

Export MapView (to PDF, image, etc) 

Export Map to .Mapx file

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