Calculate attributes of SDE feature class using Calculate Field in model builder

01-19-2021 01:45 PM
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Good Evening All,

Had a question I wanted to ask you all because I've had no luck finding answers else where so I figured you all my be able to help me out. I am Currently going through an infrastructure migration and trying to automate some of the work that needs to be done. I have created a model to add fields and calculate said fields in an SDE database. the model creates the field fine but when I get to calculating the field, the model fails. I know to change attributes within a SDE fc you need to enable editing (and think this may have something to do with my issue) but I cant seem to figure out how to calculate the fields after they are added. any help would be much appreciated!


Thanks in advance!


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Are you familiar with Python or is modelbuilder the only option?

You could export it as a script and some kind soul here might be able to adjust the code for you. (run anything in a TEST environment first).

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I'm not sure if modelbuilder has this as an option, hopefully someone more familiar with MB can chip in.

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I just saw this.  Are you able to run this during an edit session?  

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