Bulk Load options in ArcGIS

06-25-2018 01:55 AM
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I have a daily task that Truncates then re-appends about 250K records to a table.  This part takes around 2 hours.

I is faster if going to a file geodatabase, but I am going to a SQL 2008 database on a different server - but one in the same data centre, so network issues shouldn't be a problem

I have tried creating a new layer, and this take the same time.

I have tried removing the spatial index first, and this speeds things up a bit.

I guess the time is down to the reindexing after every record is appended.

If this was any other database i would drop all Indexes, but I can't drop the OID index.

Or, if in T-SQL I would do a Bulk Load

So, any other  suggestions to improve the time taken - we are currently using a mix of ArcGIS Desktop (Not Pro yet) and can really use any version, but currently this is on 10.3.

Any solution will need to be able to be set up in a model and exported to Python.



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