Building an online map application that extracts data from AGOL Enterprise into another web based application called "Shiny for R"

10-19-2018 03:09 AM
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I'm a self taught ArcGIS novice who has just learned to use AGOL via our organisations internal enterprise system. Whilst I work on sharing monitoring points with wider colleagues using Enterprise, my close colleague is working on a water quality analysis tool based in R. Eventually we would like to use the Shiny app for R to analyse our water quality data and display it as a web based dashboard . What I am trying to achieve is a system where we can view our monitoring network on ArcGIS and directly access the data and statistics for any given monitoring point or river stretch by clicking on, or selecting a point on the map which automatically extracts the point code data from AGOL attribute table, launches the Shiny App and loads the attribute into the Shiny App so that the data and statistics at that point can be viewed. The Shiny App requires the data in a .csv format so it must be possible to create a custom widget that will do this. The "Attribute table" widget includes a checkbox for exporting data as a .csv so I'm thinking that we just need to modify the code in this widget to automate the extraction, launch "Shiny for R" and upload the data into that, Shiny does the rest.#

I'm running before I can walk here but I have a vision, I know what I want, but not sure quite how to do it so I'm looking for guidance.

Thanks for listening

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