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Better to have all users use 1 service or multiple services for 1 feature

03-02-2020 08:06 AM
New Contributor II

I have 1 feature that my company accesses to update and retrieve point information. Its an archiving table with around 100,000 points. I have around 280 users at the peak of use accessing at the same time with 1 ArcGIS server service. On occasion, that service can get bogged down and users see a significant delay as the service is waiting to free instances. 

My question is this. Is it better to have all users access the same service and feature with the same service or is it better to set up multiple services to disperse the load on ArcGIS server. Or does it matter since they are all accessing the same feature. 

Just don't know if I need to continually monitor and adjust the instances on the service or have different services based on region accessing the same feature/published MXD.


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