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Best way to load a feature into an existing Geometric network

09-01-2016 05:39 AM
Regular Contributor

We are running 10.3.1 I have about 17,779 sewer laterals that are not currently part of our sewer geometric network. But I need to add them to it. Is it better to use the Geometric  Network Incremental Loader tool in ArcMap or just delete the network all together and recreate it and include my laterals. As a side note I have several replications built from our default which is the one with the geometric that I want to add the laterals to. If I delete the geometric network in the default (the parent) of all the replicas do I need to rebuild the replicas with the new geometric network? or if I use the Geometric  Network Incremental Loader, do I still need to rebuild the replicas? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

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