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Automation of service properties and options post publish instead of using CIM

08-05-2022 01:01 PM
Regular Contributor

I'm looking into the automation of publishing MapImageLayers using ArcPy.  It seems pretty straightforward, except when you want to do any customization, such as enabling Feature Access, WMS or WFS, setting group sharing, pooling, etc. etc.  

I've seen examples how you can parse the sddraft using minidom and enable this, most of which seem complicated and verbose.  Are there options to do this more easily after publishing?  It's very easy to adjust options (enable WMS / WFS, and Feature Access, set pooling, edit number of records returned, etc) via Server manager.  Is there a way to do this programmatically via the admin API post-publish instead of editing the sddraft xml directly pre-publish

For Portal options (in a federated server instance), I suppose I could grab the itemID from the REST endpoint (which I should be able to construct from my sddraft options), and use the Python API to set group sharing and other options there.  

Just curious what patterns folks have followed. 

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