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07-12-2016 02:26 AM
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I have a little issue with feature layer attachments. I have published a service with attachments and created a web app. When user clicks on attachment link in pop-up the attachments is automatically downloaded to users computer instead of being open in new browser window. Attachments are images.

I think this may be some setting in ArcGIS server or IIS. On another server we are using, the image attachments are automatically opened in a new browser window, which is the behavior we prefer. Does anybody know where to set this up?

Thanks for help


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I am having the same problem. Any solutions yet?

I see that images served at open as a new browser tab, while the images are downloaded automatically from my local server. I too think it is either how our web server (Apache) or ArcGIS Server is setup.

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I haven't seen this with ArcGIS Server, but this sounds like a MIME types issue.

Can you create a quick app for internal use and point your web map references to the GIS Server on port :6080/:6443? That will help confirm if this is a web tier issue.

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