ArcGIS WebAdaptor: Downloads from arcgis server output (WebAdaptor) directories are cancelled at approx 1GB

06-07-2023 05:11 AM
Occasional Contributor

On our fresh arcgis enterprise installation we face some issues when downloading bigger files (> 1GB) from the arcgis server output directories. The downloads get cancelled almost every time at 1GB.


  • Azure Application Gateway pointing to WebAdaptor server
  • 1 server for WebAdaptors based on IIS 
  • 1 portal server
  • 1 hosting server
  • 1 federated gis server in addition
  • ...

We have the feeling, no proof, that the issue is related to the WebAdaptor. But the webadaptor is a black box. No logs, no debug possibilities... 

Downloading files directly from the IIS (without WebAdaptor) works smoothly. Only with the WebAdaptor, the issue remains. The fun fact: Depending on bandwith speed, you're either successfull downloading the big file or not. Someone closes the downloading transaction. 

Any help appreciated...

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