ArcGIS Server Site queueing requests of different clusters

03-11-2015 08:16 AM
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I was running a few tests to compare the performance of two dynamic services: one reading our enterprise gdb; and the other reading a local file gdb. Then I ran into the following problem: while requests made to a cached service that was configured to generate tiles on demand were being processed, requests made to services in other clusters were queued until the cache requests completed.

The attached image may not be the better form to explain this, but I was trying to illustrate the scenario. The two tabs in the back show two different maps being rendered. The left one shows "pending" requests to the service "ControleLabels" - the enterprise gdb test - and the right one shows "pending" requests to the service "Local_ControleLabels" - the file gdb test. The center tab shows that no instance of ControleLabels neither Local_ControleLabels is in use.

The cached service is running under "Cached Services" cluster and the dynamic services are running in a different cluster.

Why are the requests being queued?

10.3 testing environment arquitecture:

ArcGIS Web Adaptor (web server)  IBIASSUCE

ArcGIS Server (cached services cluster) / Image Server Extension


ArcGIS Server (dynamic services cluster)IBIRAPUA

ArcGIS Server (real-time services) / GeoEvent Processor Extension


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