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ArcGIS Server Restarted, Portal No Longer Repsonsive

06-06-2019 06:58 AM
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I just returned to work after a week off and was trying to publish a service from ArcMap.  I've done this a thousand times, but for some reason today it decided it wasn't going to work and just hung on the publishing feature service portion.  After about 20 mins, I killed ArcMap and opened Server Manager.  I can see the service partially published, with only the WMS and Map Service portions published, but the WFS was not.  I checked Portal Contents and can see the two layers, minus the feature service.

We tried to publish services, unsuccessfully, several times with several different feature classes hosted on our SDE.

I logged into ArcGIS Server and restarted the server.

The server came back online, and Portal was working again, however, there are two things:

1.  The Feature Publishing Service is now listed under my contents (as if I published it, dated today).  Not sure if I should delete this from my contents or not.  The Feature Publishing Service is still located in the Systems folder on ArcGIS Server Manager.

2.  ArcGIS Server Manager is accessible for about 5-10 minutes until it becomes unreachable, and at that time Portal becomes extremely slow and at times unreachable.  GeoEvent Server also becomes unreachable after ArcGIS Server becomes unresponsive.  I'm still able to log into the server, even after the services become unresponsive and unreachable.

After restarting ArcGIS Server a couple of times, the symptoms of 1 and 2 above occur 100% of the time.  I'm wondering what could be causing this and what are some possible solutions?  Has anyone experienced this before?

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Hi William - if all else fails, you can try a restart of the Portal for ArcGIS service on the portal machine.  At times it can become unresponsive after a reboot of the portal machine, but a server and or data store machine restart could cause unexpected behavior as well. 

For example, yesterday access to our portal through its web adaptor became unavailable - we think after a change to our org's F5 by our security team - since no traffic was getting through the external address. 

So we eventually restarted our federated server machines/site, the hosting server machines/site, and the data store machines.

I could then access portal, but none of my content appeared. 

I checked that the hosted and federated services were running, that the data stores would validate with both hosting and federated sites, that the Active Directory account we are using for user store was valid, and that the portal and data store item index matched.  When all of that checked out,  I then made sure all the oAuth urls were still set for the 'arcgisonline' appID.

I still then showed no content in any of my folders, groups etc.  So finally I stopped and then started (not restarted) the Portal for ArcGIS windows service.  I waited about 5 minutes and all my content was available.

I realize this doesn't exactly answer your question but hopefully this may help

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Thanks for the reply.  I did what you said above, except with Server and that seemed to resolve the issue (mostly).  Now I'm having GeoEvetnt issues, that I'm sure are related to the Server issue above.

I can publish services again and all of the Content in Portal works again.  The Publishing Services is still under my contents for some reason and I'm weary to delete it.

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