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arcgis server rest: error 500 with international characters

07-03-2019 10:10 AM
Occasional Contributor II

So I've been really baffled by this problem: portal and agol mapviewer stop working when I remove some layers from an arcgis server map service.

After digging around, I saw that the error only happens when the layers have international characters, like ã, á, etc.

Looking at chrome console I cought an example of an offending request, with error 500. Very simple request:

https ://server/instance/rest/path_to_service/MapServer/export?

This gives a 500 error.

Just replacing the name of the dynamiclayer marked in bold above to something with ansi characters it works fine.

So I'm justing asking if someone has seen this? Is there a feasible workaround?

Versions details: AGS 10.7.0, windows 2008 r2 x64.

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Occasional Contributor II

As a workaround I used ArcGIS Online Assistant to edit the webmap json manually, replacing all "offending" characters.

That got the webmaps working again.

Now I need to know how to solve the issue...

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