ArcGIS Server Manager - unable to view/edit Feature Services

02-10-2014 04:08 PM
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I'm running ArcGIS Server 10.1 on a Windows Server. I have published several map services and feature services from an sde geodatabase. My username is set as the primary site administrator account, and I am logged in as same.

Now I am unable to access the feature services through ArcGIS Server Manager, or through GIS Servers in ArcCatalog. The only services that show up are map services.  However, when I log in under my username to the Services Directory, I can see all of the feature services. In the Server Administrator Directory, my username is listed as the psa, but under services, only map services are listed.

I have deleted services and re-published several of the maps. Clearly I'm new at this. I have tried all I can think of, but this makes no sense to me. It shouldn't be a permissions issue; when I check the user name for the feature class used to publish each map, it indicates that "User has higher-level permissions. Could someone offer a suggestion?

- Jeri
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