ArcGIS Server Licensing

08-12-2015 09:57 AM
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Are there any esri licensing restrictions we need to be aware of if we make web services we published with our ArcGIS Server available to the public?

My organisation is looking to publish a number of our data sets as public web services. We have an enterprise license agreement and as I understand it their are no restrictions on us publishing this data. If anyone is able to point me towards some further information or confirm there are no licensing restrictions that would be much appreciated.

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I know if you are bundling the services as part of something you are selling, for instance, if you had a web application you sold to an organization that embedded/utilized ArcGIS Server maps/services, you would need a commercial ASP (application service provider) rider added to your server license, which would probably be 40k for a 4-core set-up.

I'm no an Esri license expert, or a lawyer, so I would recommend reading through your agreements and chatting with Esri, but, from my understanding, if you are publishing the service and not bundling it as part of an app you are selling, you are probably fine.

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