Arcgis server http and https

12-23-2015 02:34 AM
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Hi guys,

on my AGS i have http request and now i would enable a https.

i have seen on AGS resource center that i can configure a mix http and https but the question is:

if i configure this mix method the services that i have just publish on http i can request on http and https togheter?


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Yes, You are able to access the services by both protocols.

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"Request on HTTP and HTTPS together" doesn't really make any sense.  All REST endpoint requests are atomic​, so only one port can be used by a client at a time​.  You can make successive calls using different protocols (for example, submit a GP job with HTTPS on 6443, and follow the long-running execution progress with HTTP on 6080), though it's best security practice to stick with one protocol.  It is still one server, so any service configured on either port will be available via both protocols.  The usual practice is to block "external" HTTP access via a firewall, but if the entire app is for intranet use, then it really shouldn't matter.

- V

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I second Vince's comment on keeping it all https.  However, you can have secure and non-secure services, and setup tokens and a proxy for things like web services if you need to access the secure services without having to log in each time.

I find setting up two different web adapters, one for each type, helps with setting up the proxy, etc....and to keep it all straight in my mind.  But even if I hit my REST/services with the non-secure web adapter and select will default to https.

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I would add that we use a secure and a non secure web adaptor simultaneously.  All of our external traffic has to use the secure web adaptor to access the map services.

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Hi Rebecca- 

Are you running 2 web adaptors on two separate servers? We currently run web adaptor and ArcGIS on same server. If we want to run both Http and https, do we need to 2 servers with separate web adaptor and one server with ArcGIS? 

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I run my web adaptors on the same server. In IIS, you can have bindings for both HTTP and HTTPS. There's an option to set if you'd like to require HTTPS only.

In general, mixing HTTP and HTTPS connections to web resources in a web application can be a frustrating experience for end users because most browsers provide "mixed content" warnings when protocols are mixed.

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If Portal for ArcGIS is in your future - I believe it is https only so you are taking the first step now.


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Thanks to all for your response.

I have this request because the AGS that publish services are share with other company and only one would request a service in https, so my question was to find out whether the change would still permit other applications to continue to work at http


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