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ArcGIS Server General function error

03-22-2022 02:32 AM
Occasional Contributor

for a few days, a strange error is appearing on ArcGIS Server.
Geodatabase error: General function failure.
There is an error drawing layer: "Layer"
There is an error during the draw Layer (1.) General function failure.

I have already checked the ArcGIS Server permissions on the shared folders where the GDB files are present

do you have any ideas?

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Have you updated a layer recently?  I've seen this kind of error when you've initially symbolized or labeled based on a layer's attributes and then, later, the schema of the layer changed in such a way that the attribute the symbol of label was based on has been renamed, deleted, or its contents have changed in such a way as the filter being used cannot find the requested values. 

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Occasional Contributor

no changes of any kind have been made to the GDB File

Thank you

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If this is associated to a specific service, for example a map service, try opening the source (mxd or Pro project) as the ArcGIS Server service account user. See if any errors appear when panning/zooming the map.

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