ArcGIS/Server can not display the digital places as ArcGIS/desktop

04-09-2017 04:13 AM
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Hi All,

The digital places can be set in ArcGIS desktop as shown in the screenshot.

However, ArcGIS server fails to do this.

What could be the issue here? How can I reflect the displayed digital places from the desktop to the server?


Thank you in advance.



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What you show for ArcMap is only for fields in a table.  The decimal representation is not carried to other outputs in ArcMap such as in Summarize operations, it is for table display only.

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Thank you Dan for your reply.

I Noticed that the attribute table took the values without decimals for displaying only, which means that the database stored the values as double and kept all decimals.

Is there away to reflect the displayed digital places from the desktop to the server? Or how can I define the number of decimals on the server for the double type?

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Hi Dan,

Again, thank you for your kind reply.

I found that these issues are a known limitation of float and double field types (esriFieldTypeDouble). 

In fact, the bug logged for this issue was closed as a known limitation.

Map service query operation does not retrieve formatting.


This happens because the query operation returns raw data values and does not honor table formatting applied in ArcMap.

Floating-point numbers are represented in computer hardware as binary fractions.

Unfortunately, most decimal fractions cannot be represented as exact binary fractions.

The result of that is the decimal floating-point numbers entered into a double field are only approximated by the binary floating-point numbers actually stored in the machine. The cause of the issue is Double field type.


This is a limitation of Floating Point Arithmetic -


I hope information above if helpful. 

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