ArcGIS Server and number of cores

09-13-2015 10:09 PM
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We plan to deploy an Instance of ArcGIS Server (4 cores) in AWS EC2 instance. The instance has 4 vCPUs (virtual CPUs). So, for ArcGIS licensing purposes), does this translate to 4 cores? I will really appreciate if anyone who has deployed ArcGIS Server in AWS can throw some light on this. I am confused because the ArcGIS Server license refers to actual physical cores while AWS documentation refers to vCPU which is not necessarily a core. Any help is much appreciated!

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Hi gagag,

I haven't worked on AWS environment. But if you know the EC2 instance type, you will get the no. of vCores in the instance. Check Virtual Cores by Amazon EC2 and RDS DB Instance Type

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I had the same question to esri awhile back and although I cant speak to specific license requests I sent the above link Virtual Cores by Amazon EC2 and RDS DB Instance Type to my esri account representative who then confirmed with the team that I could use a ArcGIS Server (4 core) license on a m3.2xlarge ec2 type (prior to this I only saw mention to xx.xlarge instance types). Note that if you auto scale this instance you will require additional licenses, so please check with your esri account representative to confirm this information.

I have been using m3/m4.2xlarge ec2 types for over a year now in prd and dev/tst (EDN) scenarios.

- Bill

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