ArcGIS Server 10.9 Published Service Field Name Issue

05-18-2021 07:08 PM
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Hi All,

I am suddenly having an issue with field names in a service that was recently re-published after a 10.9 enterprise upgrade.  The data has been in a PostGres replica for several years now with minimal changes running the same service.  It seems that the field names are not being published as they actually are (lower-case in PostGres) rather they seem to (sort-of) match their aliases that are all upper case.  There is one that is particularly odd, it seems that the field name is represented by the Alias --only with the whitespace/spaces removed (mix of upper and lowercase).  I have tried republishing the service to one with a different name with the same results.  This is causing havoc with a web app that consumes this service because now the field names are represented incorrectly...any help would be great!

Also, these were published with Pro 2.8.


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