ArcGIS "Unknown capability 'Map'."

10-28-2019 02:43 PM
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We recently upgraded to 10.71 and now we are unable to load our Image Service due to this error. 


ArcGIS "Unknown capability 'Map'. Only 'TilesOnly,Image,Catalog,Metadata,Download,Pixels,Edit,Mensuration,Uploads,Tilemap' are supported. 


However when I go to the service reference here Tile Map—ArcGIS REST API: Services Directory | ArcGIS for Developers  it states "For cached map/image services, this capability needs to be added by the service publisher by updating the service administrative endpoint to include: "capabilities": "Map,Tilemap"."



This service does not support the Map capability. But I cant add it because of the aforementioned error when trying to add it. 


Has this capability been removed? Am I missing a setting on my service? Why isn't this documented?

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