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ArcGIS - Exception Broken pipe - AGSWebAdaptorProxyServlet.service

07-25-2022 10:40 AM
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Esri helped my organization set up the proxy server for the ArcGIS location service a while back.
We recently created an application that calls a REST service from the proxy and gets a JSON response. Once in a while we get an HTML response with an error message instead of a JSON response, which causes our application to fail. We thought that it might have to do with the file size of 10,000 records, but we found that it failed intermittently with few records also.
We had our network team check our communication between hosts, and they did not find any problems.

Can you please help us troubleshoot this problem?

Excerpt from catalina.out:

https://servername:6443/arcgis/rest/services/locator2021R2/GeocodeServer/geocodeAddresses Exception Broken pipe
12-Jul-2022 14:27:25.313 SEVERE [http-nio-8443-exec-430] com.esri.arcgis.server.wa.servlet.AGSWebAdaptorProxyServlet.service Could not access any server machines. Please contact your system administrator.

HTML Response when this error happened:


Proxy Error


The proxy server received an invalid\r\nresponse from an upstream server.
\r\nThe proxy server could not handle the request POST /public/rest/services/locator2021R2/GeocodeServer/geocodeAddresses.

\nReason: Error reading from remote server



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We are also experiencing this with ArcGIS Javascript Web aps using services in ArcGIS Enterprise for Kubernetes pointing to third parts standalone ArcGIS Services.

The log in ArcGIS Enterprise is stuffed with this error.

Any answers to this issue? 

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