ArcGIS Enterprise integration with Azure Reverse Proxy - security issues with /portal and /arcgis

04-09-2022 01:37 PM
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Hi All,

we succeeded in integrating our ArcGIS Enterprise (10.8.1) with  our Azure Active Directory and following we had to configure our ArcGIS Enterprise behind an Azure Reverse Proxy using the authentification mechanism actually in place for our organisation.

Typically  our ArcGIS Pro users must be able to connect to Portal via the Azure Reverse Proxy.

I got the job done configuring Web Adaptor, setting webcontext url and soon.

/arcgis and /portal are accessible via https/443 to contact the Portal and the ArcGIS Server Services

but not i am getting security issues concerning  the Reverse Proxy configuration because /portal must be reachable in order  "client" applications like ArcGIS Pro to be able to get information about how to sign in.  e.g.  /portal must be "anonymously" available.

is any one facing this issue?

every idea/indication on how to handle this situation will be great help.

thanks in advance.


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@LaurePillet2  did you ever resolve this?

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