ArcGIS Enterprise and reverse proxy configuration.

11-03-2017 03:03 PM
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I am upgrading our ArcGIS Server on a new virtualized machine and I thought I would install all of the components to ArcGIS Enterprise at the same time. I am installing everything on a single machine but we use a proxy server in the DMZ. I have a few questions about the process and where different components go.

  • Do I need the security certificate to go on the proxy server or the server with ArcGIS Server and Portal?
  • The only things to go on the proxy server are the two web adaptors, correct?
  • Is there a specific order to install the components?
  • Can I use the Enterprise Builder but uninstall the web adaptors and then install them on the proxy server?

Thanks for any input.

Jeff Ward
Summit County, Utah
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You'll need a valid certificate on IIS for the Web Adaptors on the proxy server, if that's where you'll be installing the Web Adaptors.  You should be OK to use the self-signed certificates for Portal on 7443 and Server on 6443 unless your organization requires non-self signed certificates.

Yes, you should only need the Web Adaptors on the proxy server.

No order really, just so long as dependencies are present before running certain operations, (creating the Server site prior to registering the Web Adaptors or Data Store, for example).

You can do that to install all components, but I wouldn't use the Enterprise Builder to configure the deployment as there will be more work to reconfigure it with the new URLs once you move the Web Adaptors.