ArcGIS Enterprise and Object Based Storage

06-18-2019 02:24 PM
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Does anyone know if ArcGIS Enterprise can be used with object based storage please?  We’re currently using file based storage but looking into changing it with StorageCraft Oneblox 4312.  What do we need to know and be aware of?

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The Portal content directory can be on the file system or in S3 buckets or Azure BLOBs, the latter two which would fall into object storage category.

Server directories can only be on the file system but the Server config-store can be in DynamoDB or Azure tables.

Finally, the ArcGIS Data Store directories must be on the file system.

So in short, yes, but it depends on the product and only S3 or Azure BLOBs are supported.

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How about Scality? Does Esri have any plans to support Scality as a storage option?

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No, there are no plans to support Scality at this time.

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