ArcGIS 10.7 backward compatibility

10-25-2021 08:41 AM
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My colleague works on ArcGIS 10.7 yet he save his work as Arcmap 10 version so that I can access it from my computer which has ArcGIS 10.2. But everytime I try to open any file I received from my colleague, I keep getting an error message or the shapefiles have a red mark and they can't be opened.  Any recommendation to resolve this problem?

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It sounds like you're not getting the references to the data set properly. The first thing for your colleague to do is to make sure the option "Store relative pathnames to data sources" in the Map Document Properties dialog is checked before he saves the project and sends it and the data to you.


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Are you unable to upgrade to a newer version of ArcMap due to other software dependencies?  Upgrading from ArcMap 10.2 could also help if possible.

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