ArcGIS 10.2.1 Editor Tracking Help

12-02-2014 09:34 AM
New Contributor

The ArcGIS 10..2.1  Documentation indicates, " deleting an origin in a simple relationship automatically updates the foreign key column in the related feature, and so records new tracking values for the related feature."

I can make tracking happen if you edit the attributes of the child object but it does not work if you relate or un-relate a child object from a parent. The foreign keys are being updated but as with ArcGIS itself, this is not considered an operation that records as tracking dispite the documentation. We need this feature.

Our latest work seems to point to some conflicts with ArcFM. It does seem to work with a simple ESRI feature classes and a File geo-database. We are still working sort it all out.

BTW. The Parent and Child are ArcFM Objects. I turned on Forward messaging in the relate just to test - No go!

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