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02-14-2017 03:12 PM
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hello there 

I am using arcigs online and web app builder for developers to design some web app services.  When i first created the web services. it was using the public portal of our website which is After installing the ssl certificate to enable https, i was advised that all services and web apps would need to reference our new domain interface which is  I am wondering that within arcigs online after i add the layer from the wb  do i need to re add the layer from the new interface and make the popups and changes all over again or can i go in to the exisitng layer or in arcgis server somehwere to automatically reroute the layers and services to the new interace? Can someone help me with this? Thanks

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You can modify the UTL and change from http to https with a number of different tools. you can start with ArcGIS Online Assistant   or look at the different feature in many of these other tools Tools · Esri/ago-admin-wiki Wiki · GitHub 

A similar question was recently asked   It may help to read all the comments there.

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