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04-14-2021 04:47 PM
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I am having trouble accessing Arc GIS Server Manager. This link is not working for me


I am getting this error below.


This site can’t be reached. refused to connect.



Thank you,


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Could you share more information (I am assuming your ArcGIS Enterprise is deployed on Windows Server environment (IIS)?

1. Version of ArcGIS Server/Enterprise? Is it federated with Portal?Version of OS?

2. Was the link working previously, or is it a fresh install? Did the issue start after any particular activity (e.g. Upgrade, or Changing http protocol in Server Admin)?

3. Check if the ArcGIS Server service (Run > services.msc) is running.

4. What type of SSL certificate are you using? Is the SSL certificate valid? Are you able to access ""  ?

5. Are you able to access REST directory or Server Admin page?

6. Are you able to access ""


*Meanwhile log a case with Esri support team as well.

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Hi Jayanta, thanks for the quick response, I don't have an ArcGIS Enterprise on Windows Server, I have ArcGIS Pro installed on Win 10 machine.

I don't have any server that is why I am trying to reach the link:

an getting an error.

Thanks you.


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You cannot connect to Server Manager from ArcGIS Pro.

I hope you are replacing <> with a real URL of ArcGIS Server site. Also add the web adaptor URL (if you have access to one) instead of the port number.

For accessing Server Manager (if you have access to one), use appropriate URL in a browser.

If you don't have access to any ArcGIS Server REST URL, for testing in ArcGIS Pro, you can connect to following sample URL : 

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There is a good help page discussing the administration URLs: Components of ArcGIS URLs 

You will need to replace the word gisserver with your actual server name where ArcGIS Server is installed. And will need to be replaced with your actual domain address.

For example:

The help page linked above also shows how to connect in the case where a web adaptor is used for access. There could also be security issues like a proxy or firewall to consider as well. You may need to speak to one of your ArcGIS or IT administrators to get the right URL.