ApplyEdits to Feature Service causes Errors

04-06-2017 05:32 AM
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I've published a feature service to our instance of ArcGIS server v 10.4.1 and am attempting to manually apply edits to test out the service.

While using the REST endpoint's "ApplyEdits" hyperlink, I'm inserting the following line into the "Adds" section:


The error that I'm receiving at this time is:

"Unable to complete operation. Internal error during object insert"

But after I review the server logs for that feature service, it states:

Error: Insufficient permissions.

How do I apply the necessary permissions to allow edits to be applied to this feature service?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi Walter,

Your data in ArcGIS Server are configured as not editable. You can change it by:

Choosing Allow Edits in your database before you publish the server. 

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How were permissions set on the service? If you have granted the user running the ArcGIS Server account permissions to the feature classes at the database level, try resetting the permissions using ArcGIS Desktop. 

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