Anti-aliasing with Services in Shared Pooling

09-17-2019 12:26 PM
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I really like the idea of shared pooling instances with the latest releases of ArcGIS Server.  Rather than having dedicated SOC instances running, we can dedicate certain services to participate in the shared pool to save server resources.

One thing I have noticed with services participating in the shared pool is that anti-aliasing is not honored for these services.  Once I remove a service from the shared pool, I notice anti-aliasing is honored.  I'm just curious why this is?...and if this is something that can be changed / implemented in future releases?

I know this may be a small issue for some, but as someone who enjoys good looking maps, it's one thing I notice right away with services.

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I'm also experiencing this.  The shared instances are otherwise a wonderful thing to have, but I was heartbroken when I discovered all the jagged lines in my web map; switching the service to use a dedicated instance made everything pretty again.

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FYI, there is a bug logged with Tech Support for this issue: BUG-000125833

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