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Amazon Aurora experiances?

07-16-2020 10:33 AM
Occasional Contributor III

I just found out this morning that EGDB now support amazon aurora. We are currently have a PostgreSQL RDS database at 10.6.1 and I'm planning my 10.8 upgrade soon. Now I'm wondering if I should move to Aurora as part of the upgrade.

I'm not very experienced with Aurora beyond the tact that it is supposed to be cheaper. Does anyone have any experiences or advice they can share?

Our current EGDB usage is pretty light, maybe 5 - 10 concurrent connections and < 100 iOPs per hour. It functions more as a read only warehouse through read only feature services, although there are 4 -5 edited feature services. But twice a week it gets hit very hard as the content is refreshed from on prem edit environments.

So any advice, thoughts?

(I wish I had seen this yesterday so I could have asked the fine folks at the geodatabase section of the UC expo)

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