Adjust class ranges of graduated symbols when multiple attributes selected

11-10-2020 10:37 AM
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In ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1, is there a way to control the number of classes showing up in the Counts and Amounts (Size) style when symbolizing a layer with multiple attributes?

If I symbolize a layer using only one attribute with the Counts and Amounts (Size) style, I'm given the option to classify the data, where I can add or remove the number of classes (see screenshot1.jpg).  However, I want to symbolize the layer using two attributes.  One attribute is a nominal field used to control the color of the symbols.  The other attribute is a number field that controls the size of the symbol using the Counts and Amounts (Size) style.  When I go into the style properties, there is no option to classify the data and no option to control the number of classes (see screenshot2.jpg).  Ideally, I'd like to only have 3 different sizes but the software will only let me show 5 classes.

Is there a way to control the number of classes

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Hi Lucas,

I'm not 100% sure whether this exists in the Portal Map Viewer (maybe using Arcade expressions?), but have you tried setting the symbology as desired in ArcGIS Pro, and then publishing the service? 

Based on the following technical article it looks like multiple attribute symbology is possible, so I wonder if publishing a new service form this layer would work for you:


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Hi @LucasMurray2 ,


To elaborate a little more on the Arcade option mentioned by @Anonymous User  this is possible but probably not your best option.

It would consist in classifying the MultiReports into three classes and combine the description of the classes with the OffenseCat and symbolize each combination. If your data does not have values for each combination and the data is dynamic you may end up "hacking" the json definition of the web map to include the missing classes. So I would probably recommend to try the option provided by @Anonymous User .

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