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02-12-2016 07:20 AM
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we are running 10.3.1 I just installed the data interoperability extension. Rebooted my computer and also went to licenses manager and click re-read licenses. But when I go to activate the extension I am getting the "the extension could not be activated" I downloaded it from our esri organization page. I didn't a seperate authorization number with the extension since it is under the desktop download. How do I get it to activate?

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Are you trying to activate the extension for Desktop or for Server?  There is a download on myEsri under each type.

It is typically a paid extension (not part of core), so you will need to have the code to activate is no matter which type you are needing.  If you don't have a a code already, check your myEsri listing or check with your customer service rep or local distributor.

For more info on the extensions available for Server ArcGIS Server extensions—Documentation | ArcGIS for Server

And more info on the Desktop extension What is the Data Interoperability extension?—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

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