Access denied to config store/ account locking

06-13-2017 05:55 AM
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We are currently re-configuring our ArcGIS server site.  It has 2 ArcGIS servers in the single default cluster.  Our config store and ArcGIS server directories are on a network file share per ArcGIS documentation.  What we are seeing is intermittent communication blips between the ArcGIS server machines.  The problem is that it is saying Access Denied when it really isn't.  Run the same process of restarting a service and it works fine.  The other issue is when publishing services if Access is denied to many times it locks out the ArcGIS server account that is running the site as it is a domain account.  Has anyone else seen this issue?  Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is a complete rebuild and we are allocating a lot of resources towards this.

ArcGIS server 10.5 and Windows server 2012.


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Any answer to this issue? I am seeing some of the same problems on our legacy servers

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