3D Geocoding or Geocoding with a Z-Level?

09-15-2015 07:40 AM
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Is there a way for me to create a locator that would take into consideration a z-level?  I have a 3D building and address data that contains what floor the address resides on.  I would like to create a webscene that could locate the address in the building and highlight it.  This would allow users to pan around the building and see where that office, apartment, etc physically is.  I found a similar question that was answered over a year ago so hopefully things have changed...

Would any geocoder work?  Could it just be a function of the webscene I need to alter?

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I couldn't find anything Esri-supported, but, I did find a research paper written about 6 years ago that discussed creating new algorithms for doing what you've discussed:

GIS-Based Geocoding Methods for Area-Based Addresses and 3D Addresses in Urban Areas

Would be interesting to see this developed, especially considering Esri just released the beta for the JSAPI v4, which supports 3D.

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Now that we have a solution called ArcGIS Indoors, it's important to note that 3D geocoding is helpful when taking the result of the geocode and creating actionable items such as service requests or other work activities.  I can see this developed in a way to support four different levels of z enabled geocoding.  Maybe others have additional options that I haven't thought of so add to the list please.

  1. Geocoding 2D data while pulling in surface Z values from elevation data or elevation feature.
  2. Geocoding 2D data and pulling in z values from known field/attributes of the feature.
  3. Geocoding from 3D data based on the centroid, address, M value location (polygon,polygon,point).
  4. Specific Geocoding for ArcGIS Indoors and have Level as the standard output value if configured inside of the layer properties.

All of the above options would produce an output z value. 

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