2008 C++ redist x64 crashing python processes - 10.6.1

04-23-2019 09:29 PM
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Hi there,

Has anyone seen a case where if you are running Python 2.7 on ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 when you try to instantiate any _arc_object objects from the gp object the Python process crashes? This happens after the VS C++ 2008 x64 redist is installed on a server.

I have a script that add a mosaic layer to a map document in preparation for printing. 

Does this:

arcpy.mapping.AddLayer(df2, lyrLayer, "AUTO_ARRANGE")

which in turn does this in mapping.py

data_frame._arc_object.InsertLayer(None, my_copy)

this crashes afcore.dll (in my case)

it only seems to be c++ 2008 redist - 2005,2010,2013 are all fine (and 2017 obviously)

I can see that ArcGIS Server has these bundled with it in the bin directory:

so does having the c++ 2008 redist installed break this linkage?

With the redist installed I see this:

it seems to change one of the versions from in the windows winsxs directories

9.00.30729.1 to 9.00.21022.8 - though this may be unrelated.

Esri version

c:\windows\winSxS version (there are various versions)

This server gets c++ 2008 x64 installed for VMWare tools.

Has anyone got any info on how Server registers the baked in c++ 2008 dlls and how installing the redist breaks it. More to the point the best way to recover it - uninstalling and reinstalling 2017 seems to work sometimes but not always!



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