Will the Map Viewer allow embed or iframe content in popups

11-18-2021 11:19 AM
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I'm using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9

I want to embed content into a popup. 

When I edit the popup and add an iframe, it seems to get removed immediately -- when I switch back to the preview mode and then to HTML mode, it's just gone.

When I use the embed tag, it works, but when I save the map and reload it, it's gone. It's being deleted before it's saved to the map configuration file.

Do other people see this? Is it a "feature" that's undocumented? Can I disable the feature?

Here are some screen captures. Here is editing the popup in HTML mode


switch to preview mode and you can see the embed content is there. Scrolling down reveals there is no iframe content.


switch back to html and note the iframe is now gone


now if I save the map and reload the page, it has removed the embed tags too,




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Hello Brian,

It looks like you are trying to embed an iframe for a website?  I don't know if this is possible, but you can configure a link to a website.  You have to do with the a href <> tag for html or you can build it as an expression using Arcade then add the expression to your custom configuration as a field.

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Either "iframe" or "embed" would be fine. Using them would mean I can generate and maintain more complex content using best practices and generally make a better looking popup with less effort.

We have a popup with 10 expressions in it and it's just painful to test and maintain things like that.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Arcade? What's that for again?   🙂   (Did someone just whisper "vendor lock in??") Okay okay I will look at it in more depth. All my braincells currently are holding JavaScript AND Python and I have to pry a few loose.



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I filed a support ticket on this, since it appears to be a bug. Support phoned and said he would send me some workarounds in an email. So, it's a known bug.

As soon as I get that email I will post what I learn here. Until then this little project is on the back burner.