Why would a Portal web map or web app only function on my computer?

09-14-2016 10:47 AM
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I had successfully created a web map in Portal (ArcGIS for Server v 10.4.1, ArcGIS Desktop v 10.4.1), and then built a web application that was successfully deployed to user’s desktops.  However, what I discovered is that not everyone has their web browser defaults set to Internet Explorer (IE).  When I tried launching the same web application using Google Chrome or Firefox, the only map feature that would appear would be the satellite image we’re using for a base map (which is hosted on AGOL via the Amazon cloud).  None of our data appeared, unless we were using IE.


So I had a hunch and decided to build separate web maps and web apps in each of the browsers individually.  This proved to work as I’m now able to launch individual web maps and web applications in all three of our browsers (IE, Chrome and Firefox), all using the same map services (data layers).


The problem now is that none of the web applications work on anyone else’s computer.  In each case the satellite image will draw from AGOL, and all of the web app’s page design settings appear (scale bar, coordinates, title, options etc.).  I just cannot see any of our data layers on anyone else’s computer.  It just seems to only work on my computer.


Would anyone here know what might be causing this?  Is there a common issue, setting or problem that causes this?  What could possibly be different on my computer compared to others in our organization that would allow only me to see our published map services, especially when this was functioning just 2 days ago?

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