Where are my output feature classes?

12-15-2012 09:52 AM
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Every time I use a tool out of the spatial analyst toolbox, I cant find my output feature class that I create. The tool runs properly and I can even see the output feature class in my results. However, I am unable to add it to my map, nor can I find in my specified output location. Where is it being stored and how can I find it?

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Hi Mark,

When you can see your new output in your geoprocessing results window, are you able to right-click it and "add to display" or "copy location"? Paste the location into a text file - is it where you expect it to be?

When you say "I can't add it to my map," do you mean you get an error, or does nothing happen and your new feature class doesn't appear in your table of contents?

Changing the default geodatabase to your desired output location can also help to keep you from inadvertently saving to an incorrect directory when you run the tool.

Let us know how you go.


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