Where are hosted feature datasets stored?

09-04-2019 04:35 PM
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We have two ArcGIS systems.  System one (call it ArcGIS Enterprise) has ArcGIS Server on one machine (call it server1), and the geodatabase resides on a separate server running SQL Server (call it sql1).  System two (call it Portal) is a Portal, with its parts also running on separate dedicated machines.  For the question, we can label them as follows:  Server, server2; Portal, portal1; Data Store, ds1).  The Portal also points to and uses the geodatabase on the SQL Server machine (sql1) in System one as a database.

The Portal Data Store machine has a smaller (C:, primary) and larger (E:, secondary) hard drives.  We installed the Data Store on the larger, secondary drive (E:, 100 GB).  While we currently use the Data Store some, we mainly rely on the geodatabase on sql1.

We are about to upgrade from 10.5.1 to 10.7.1.  Prior to doing the upgrade, we want to back things up. 

Since we installed our Data Store on the "secondary" drive of its machine, due to its larger size, where are hosted feature datasets stored?  It seems (from reviewing in This PC) that things are only getting stored on the E:, but I want to verify, before getting started, that the Data Store DOES NOT store things on the C: (primary) drive, somewhere that I have not looked.

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I’d recommend utilizing the backup tool provided by Esri to make sure you collect everything.

I forget the name of the tool but it’s readily found.

- Paul Davidson

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Hi George,

If you configured the data store with the E drive, the E:\arcgisdatastore folder should be the only directory that is updated and stores the data for your hosted service.  The WebGISDR tool will backup this up when you execute it on the Portal server.

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Thanks guys!  Your replies are helpful.

@Jake:  Thanks for this very specific info; it answered my question.

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