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What is overwriting our iteminfo.xml when Portal services restart?

01-03-2019 12:52 PM
New Contributor

I'm curious if any other folks out there have experienced the issue we've been trying to solve.

Our agency is running Portal 10.6.1

We have custom web apps registered with Portal and they launch just fine, but for some reason there's an issue with the

Workflow app (wmxweb) which comes preregistered with Portal.

We've isolated the problem to the wrong URL on the item page which has http and not https.

In portaladmin, we've pulled the app info and verified that the URI entry is correct, and updated the app ID etc through OAuth even though the entry looked good to begin with.

We've found the iteminfo.xml file on the Portal host and edited http to be https; verified that when the web app page is refreshed in the browser, the URL is correct; but when the Portal service restarts, the URL is reverted back to http (... and the iteminfo.xml is replaced).

We've looked in the Portal installation directory for anything that may be the source for this and we have an open ticket.

I imagine that anyone else using https in their environment that has also published this core web app would have had the same experience.

I should also note that we found other apps in the default library list are parsing the correct URL with https addresses. This appears to be just a problem with Workflow.

Does anyone here have any suggested routes to troubleshoot this further?

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