What happens to existing items and services after unfederate an refederate portal wi arcgis 10.5.1

12-05-2018 01:04 PM
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I have an arcgis implementation where i want to change the public services url. This requires unfederate and refederate with the new url. I have published map services and web maps and apps up and running. What is the effect of this step? Would the arcgis services added again as items when refederate? If yes, does that mean duplicate items and i shall delete old? What happens to hosted services, will they continue to be valid? Shall i update the service urls in items using python code available from esri for this situation ( for service urls and web maps)? What about apps? In other words, what is the right and safe way toget the arcgis server services urls updated with new webadaptor host? ( like moving the server webadaptor into a new host)? My deployment is highly available.

thank you

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Did you ever figured this out @AhmadAwada1 ?

I might be in the same situation, the documentation here https://enterprise.arcgis.com/en/portal/10.8/administer/windows/administer-a-federated-server.htm#ES... says that:

Unfederating a server site has several significant consequences and should not be done as part of routine troubleshooting. It is not easily undone and may have irreversible consequences. Removing a hosting server from the ArcGIS Enterprise portal renders existing hosted web layers unusable. Adding the hosting server back does not return the hosted services to a usable state. Only unfederate a site if you have a clear understanding of the impact.

But I can't find any documentation of what the impact on unfederating a site really is. I know that all hosted data will be lost/corrupt. That's is not a big problem for us, the small amout of hosted data we currently have we can export and recreate afterwards. But what are the other consequences? what happends to all our layers published from ArcGIS Pro with reference to registered data? and all our wep apps etc.?

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